The International Research Programme

“Capabilities for delivering projects in the context of societal development (CaProSoc)”

was initiated in 2020 by the Alma Mater Europaea in Maribor / Slovenia



The number and importance of projects in all areas of our society have increased significantly, and scientists are already talking about the "project society". Multiple challenges, such as the pandemic, the climate crisis, migration and hunger, demand capabilities that go beyond the existing ones...


During the kick-off for CaProSoc in 2020, workstreams were defined to be addressed in a self-organized manner by working groups, projects, and other forms...

Get involved

Whether supporting data collection, providing a case to be studied, engaging in one of the work streams, or funding CaProSoc´s activities; by engaging in this programme you may help to build a better future...


We have a list of links to publications that address the topics of CaProSoc, were authored by one of the participants or originated in one of the work streams. They should be listed in a timely manner with the newest one on top of the list.



We have a list of participants and logos which should be displayed here in alphabetical order of the country they are based at.