Get involved

Whether supporting data collection, providing a case to be studied, engaging in one of the work streams, or funding CaProSocĀ“s activities; by engaging in this programme you may help to build a better future. It is easy to get involved, learn more and get in touch:

Participation as Practitioner:

CaProSoc requires access to information, and case scenarios of current societal challenges as well as potential solutions that can be explored further. Find out, how you can contribute to CaProSoc as a practitioner and how to engage.

Opportunities for Researchers:

As a researcher, you can participate in one of the workstreams, bring your own research work or results to CaProSoc and develop them further in the international context of CaProSoc. Check with us, how you can become a member.

Funding and Programme Partners:

Learn about funding opportunities with the CaProSoc Research Programme and see examples of programme partnerships of NGOs, Professional Associations, Public Authorities or International Organisations.


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