The number and importance of projects in all areas of our society have increased significantly, and scientists are already talking about the "project society". Multiple challenges, such as the pandemic, the climate crisis, migration and hunger, demand capabilities that go beyond the existing ones. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations are setting the bar high for all parties involved in decision making and the implementation of projects. Yet, far too many projects are still failing, are running out of time and budget, or are clearly missing their original development goals. Project management was developed in the business world and has achieved amazing results there. We believe it´s necessary to achieve the same results in the context of societal development.

All actors involved in sustainable societal development are aware of the role projects have in society and use projects effectively for the benefits of society.

To realize the CaProSoc Vision, this international multidisciplinary research programme aspires to perform the following activities through a network of institutions, researchers, and practitioners:

  • exploring, analysing, researching - the situation, requirements, and potential solutions
  • sharing, discussing, recognising - experiences, cases, and international best practices
  • co-creating, developing, innovating - concepts, knowledge, and practical applications
  • applying, utilizing, sustaining - pilot applications, concepts, and customized solutions
  • informing, lobbying, publishing - research findings, solutions, and information services

Expected results:

Through this international research programme, it is expected to achieve the following results:


  • Mutually beneficial networking and cooperation (e.g. project studies) between institutions, researchers, and practitioners
  • Networking with partners of CaProSoc to apply for international research tenders and calls for proposals


  • Scientific publications and presentations
  • Professional publications and presentations
  • Teaching and training materials
  • Public Relations and Marketing


  • Communication with multi-/international institutions for raising awareness and building capabilities
  • Internet platform with open access to the results of the research programme
  • Recognition of outstanding results through an international awards